Our Staff

Parents regard the school and its staff highly. They say that children behave well and are safe and secure because the staff place a very high emphasis on keeping children safe. Parents are full of praise for staff who provide a safe and secure learning environment in which children thrive.

Ofsted 2017

  • Mrs Lucy Ford
    Head teacher
  • Mrs Tighe
    Assistant head teacher/ Orca class teacher
  • Mrs Jerram
    Admin and Finance Manager
  • Mrs James
    Administration Officer
  • Mrs Brownlie
    Turtle Class teacher, SENCo
  • Mrs Cooper
    Turtle class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Spraggs
    Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/LSA
  • Miss Garner
    Lobster Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Goldberger
    Seal class teacher
  • Mrs Baldacchino
    Lobster class teacher
  • Mrs Bettesworth
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Tighe
    Assistant head teacher/ Orca class teacher
  • Mrs Merriman
    Dolphin Class Teacher
  • Miss Richards
    Orca class Student Teacher
  • Mrs Monk
    Orca class Teaching Assistant/ Beach Schools
  • Miss Brice
    Shark Class Teacher
  • Mr King
    Shark Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Pearce
    Dolphin Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs McFarlane
    Puffin Class Teacher
  • Mrs Caldecott
    Puffin Teaching Assistant/FEIPS
  • Miss Stubbs
    ELSA/ Penguin Class TA
  • Mr Wemyss
    Penguin Class Teacher
  • Miss Mullins
    Puffin Class Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Allen
    Swimming Instructor (2 hours weekly)
  • Mrs Coulter
  • Mrs Allen
    Cook Assistant
  • Mrs Campbell
    Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Spraggs
    Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/LSA
  • Mrs Pepperell
    Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Movila
    Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Buchytar
    Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Dixon
  • Miss Osborne
  • Miss Smart
  • Mr Ward
    Site Manager