Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to go to a specific nursery before joining your school?

No! We have welcomed pupils from all backgrounds to our school, including pupils with no nursery background and those who have attended local nurseries. We do have CherryIsland nursery on our shared campus but work with all nursery provisions to ensure a smooth transition for our future pupils. Our Early Years team will visit your child’s nursery, share records and visit the children to ensure they are happy and secure when starting school.

What time does the school day start and end?

The whistle is blown for pupils to line up on the main playground at 8.40am. You are welcome to come into your child’s classroom to settle your child for as long as you would like. At 3pm pupils can then collected from the blue gate (Year 1), their classroom door (Year R) or the main playground (Year 2). Staff will be on hand to help you find where you need to go. If your child is attending Kidzone after school club or an onsite club, school staff will take your child there.

Does my child need a PE kit?

All children need to bring their PE kit at the start of the year. We will keep it in school until the end of each half term when it will be sent home to be washed. The children have PE twice a week – the days will be indicated on your child’s ‘Learning Letter’ they will bring home each week. Your child will also need to bring their bookbag and a water bottle each day, as well as a pair of wellington boots to keep in school.

My child has a medical condition – how will they be looked after?

Our primary duty is to care for your child in all aspects of their life, including their health. Our Special Needs Coordinator (Mrs Brownlie) and the Early Years team (led by Mrs Clarke) will liaise with you to put together a care plan for your child and will administer any prescribed medication as directed by yourself and your child’s doctor.

How do they choose lunches?

We are fortunate to have an on site cook, Mrs Coulter, who is able to offer two hot dinner choices daily (one featuring meat and the other vegetarian) as well as a cold lunch option (sandwiches/rolls). We also have vegetables and bread available on the tables during the lunch hour. We also welcome home packed lunches if you would prefer to send one in. The lunch choices are sent home to each child every term, with a reminder of the upcoming lunches on our fortnightly newsletter. You are welcome to discuss these choices with your child prior to them coming into school, where they will move their name onto a picture of their lunch choice, with support from their teacher.

What if they forget their water bottle?

We have cups available in every year group if your child forgets their bottle on occasion. The pupils are given regular opportunities to drink water throughout the school day and time to refill their bottles. We do ask that your child not bring in juice or squash in their bottle.

Do they have playtimes?

Key Stage 1 have a 15 minute playtime in the morning and lunch is an hour long. Reception has a transition period over the course of the year so they join in with Key Stage 1 at playtimes and lunchtimes by the end of the Summer term.

Where can I buy uniform?

You can purchase school uniform from Skoolkit, which is located at 31, The Meridian Centre, Elm Lane, Havant, PO91UN. Alternatively you can purchase through their website here.

Our uniform is white and blue. Please see the pictures below for examples of items you may wish to purchase.

Do the children have homework?

Yes, we ask all of our children to read each day and support this through a badge system – for every 25 days the children read, they can earn a special jewel-themed badge, including ruby, emerald and diamond! We also send home a suggested ‘chat, play and read’ activity on the children’s Learning Letter as well as their weekly spellings.

What if I need to share a family situation with the school?

We are here to support yourselves and your children through any difficult times you may have. Please speak to your child’s class teacher whenever it is convenient for you to do so or make an appointment at the school office – Mrs Ford and Mrs Tighe are also happy to support you at any point. We have an experienced team who have supported children through bereavements, family separation and many other situations – please just let us know how we can help your family.

What happens when they need to go to Year 3?

The majority of our pupils transition to Mill Rythe Junior School, though some do choose to attend other schools, on or off the island. All our Year 2 parents are supported through the Year 3 application process and although we have strong transition links with MRJS we will of course support you and your child in transitioning to their new school, wherever you choose.