Pupils’ attendance is improving and is above the national average. Leaders have focused on improving attendance through closer links with parents. As a result, parents feel that their contribution towards improving the school’s attendance is being recognised.

Ofsted 2017


Our school monitors all children’s attendance and punctuality closely. Regular reviews are held between the Attendance Lead and the Senior Leadership Team to look at attendance across the school and to ensure families are aware of where attendance is impacting on their child’s education.

Attendance and Time Keeping Agreement

Research shows that good attendance is vital to children’s success at school and therefore their future lives.  Please read the following information and retain for reference.

  • Any absence must be reported to the school office by 8.30am. This can be via text, phone call or email.
  • School doors open at 8.30am and close at 8.50am for registration.
  • All children are expected to be in school by 8.50am to start their learning. Any child entering school after 8.50am must come through the school office and will be marked as late.  Parents will be asked to give a reason for the lateness.
  • Parents of any child who shows patterns of lateness or absence will receive a letter inviting them into school to discuss this with the Attendance Officer.
  • Parents of any child whose attendance has dropped below 92% will receive a letter from school.
  • School has a right to request “proof of illness” for any child who shows patterns of ongoing absence and will refuse to authorise an absence if this is not provided once requested.
  • School will involve external agencies such as the Family Support Service or Attendance Legal Panel where it is clear that children are not receiving their statutory entitlement to education due to ongoing absence or lateness.
  • Under the Hampshire code of Conduct Head teachers are only allowed to authorise a request for leave of absence in exceptional circumstances, i.e. unexpected, rare, unavoidable and short.
  • A planned holiday in term time cannot be classed as unexpected and therefore does not meet these criteria. Unavoidable means cannot be arranged at another time, i.e. within school holidays.
  • Any child having 5 or more days of unauthorised leave over a 50 school day period will be liable to receive a penalty notice.
  • The school day ends at 3pm. Teachers will wait by the doors with the children until 3.20pm.
  • If you need to make last minute arrangements for someone else to pick up your child please always let the School Office know as soon as possible to ensure your child is released safely from school.



What should I do if my child is ill and cannot attend school?

We require parents/carers to contact our Attendance Officer before 9.00am to notify us of their child’s absence.

You can leave a message on the school Absence line on 02392 465531.

When leaving a message please state:

  • Your name
  • Your child’s name
  • Their year group and class
  • A reason for their absence
  • Their expected return date

If your child experiences a prolonged absence, a note from his/her doctor may be required by the school.

What happens if my child is late to school?

Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and good time management is essential. Pupils should be in school no later than 8:50am each morning.  If a pupil arrives at school after 8:50am enter school through main reception and sign your child in at the office.  Office staff will then take your child to their class.  You are welcome to telephone school to confirm your child has settled into class once you are home.

If you are aware that your child will be late for school, please contact the Attendance Officer on 02392 465531.

What absences are authorised?

  • Illness
  • Medical/Dental Appointments – Although you should try to book these out of school hours if possible
  • Religious Observance
  • Traveller Absence
  • Offsite Educational Activities- approval at the school’s discretion
  • Leave of absence authorised by the Head Teacher (e.g. bereavement)

Can I take my child out of school for any other reason?

No, it is not in your child’s best interests to miss school.  Parents who take their child out of school for a holiday could receive a Penalty Notice by the Local Authority. Parents should complete an Absence Request Form and return it to the school at the earliest opportunity.

I need to book my child a medical appointment, what should I do?

Wherever possible, we ask that all medical appointments are made after school or during the school holidays.  For medical appointments during school hours, eg. dentist or doctor, please bring evidence of the appointment to the School Office.

How can I support my child to attend school regularly and on time?

  • Ensure that they pack their bag the night before.
  • Prepare uniform the night before
  • Set an alarm to allow plenty of time to get ready and have breakfast
  • Children between 4-7 need 10/12 hours sleep a night. Don’t let them take their phone to Agree on a time for technology to be switched off.
  • Do not keep your child off for for minor illness such as colds and sore throats.
  • Do not take holidays in term time

How long should my child stay at home with an illness?

The NHS gives the following advice on how long children should stay off school if they are unwell:


Vomiting and Diarrhoea 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped.
Chickenpox When all the spots have crusted over – usually 5 days after they first appeared
Impetigo 48 hours after starting prescription medication, or when the patches have crusted over
Scarlett Fever 24 hours after starting antibiotics, or 2 weeks after symptoms started (if not taking medication)
Hand Foot and Mouth As long as your child is feeling well – there is not need to wait until the blisters heal
Measles At least 4 days after the rash develops
Scabies 24 hours after the first treatment
Shingles When the last blister has scabbed – usually 10-14 days after they first appear
Flu 5 days or until recovered
Slapped Cheek None once rash has developed


There is no need for your child to stay off school with the following conditions, unless they are feeling unwell:

  • Head lice
  • Threadworms
  • Verrucas (although these need to be covered with a plaster during PE)
  • Coughs and colds
  • Ringworm

We also ask for your support for a small number of children who are at greater risk if exposed to infection.  This puts them at a serious risk if exposed to chicken pox or measles.  Please let us know immediately if you suspect that your child (or other family member) has chicken pox.


What do I do if my child is prescribed medication?

In most circumstances, antibiotic medicine dosage is for 3 times a day.  In this instance, it can be administered before, after school and at bedtime.  However, in special circumstances staff may be required to administer medicine prescribed by the Doctor.  Forms are available from the School Office and all medicines must be brought to the School Office on arrival at School.


My child doesn’t want to come to school?

Often a problem at school or at home can lead to a child being reluctant to go to school or completely refusing to go. If you suspect that your child is unhappy at school talk to them about it; listen to their explanation. Pursuing the reasons for school refusal is always important. There are many reasons for school anxiety and refusal. The longer your child avoids school the worse their anxiety will become. Keep an eye out for patterns. Do they always want to stay at home on a particular day? We are always happy to discuss any concerns and to help support your child coming in to school, so please do not hesitate to contact us on 02392 465531 or email the year group emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

There are many resources online to help you support your child with their mental health and school avoidance, such as: