Governors show high levels of commitment and drive. They know the school well and have a good knowledge of the improvements made since the previous inspection. Governors have a wide range of skills which they use to support and challenge the school. They make regular monitoring visits to evaluate all aspects of the school. Governors keep up to speed with national changes in education, making good use of training available to them. For example, because of training governors have a detailed knowledge of safeguarding children through procedures for the safer recruitment of staff.

Ofsted 2017

Name Category Appointed by

Term of Office

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Committee membership Responsibilities

Voting Rights

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Sarah Speller

Mrs Sarah Speller

Local Authority

Governors 4 25/11/2018 Head teachers performance management
Lucy Ford

Mrs Ford

Head Teacher

01/01/2019 Advisor to pay and performance
Charlotte Tighe

Mrs Tighe


Staff 4
Sue Holt



Governors 4 23/11/2019 Pay and Performance Chair pay and performance
Nick Buchanan Parent Parents 4 5/12/2021
Martin Ward


Co opted

Governors 4 23/11/2019 Safeguarding Governor
Deborah Burroughs

Mrs Deborah Burroughs

Co opted

Governors 4 23/11/2019 Pay and performance Chair of Governors
 Rebecca Morris Parent  Parents 4  12/12/2020
Co opted 4

Name of Business


· governor elsewhere (please include school name)

·related / married to member of staff (please include staff name)

· employed at school

Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
 Deborah Burroughs
 Cliff Robinson
 Alanya Russell
 Lucy Ford Head teacher
 Charlotte Tighe Member of staff
 Sarah Speller Local government Local Authority Employed by governor services 4 July 2011 ongoing 23 November 2015
 Sarah Speller Governor at Purbrook Junior School Maintained school Governor 29.1.2015 ongoing 23 November 2015
Sue Holt
Martin Ward Site manager at Mill Rythe Infant School
Nick Buchanan
Rebecca Morris Relation to Alanya Russell Relation 13/12/2016 Ongoing 13/12/16