Beach School

Inspiration in the Outdoor Classroom

Welcome to Mill Rythe Infant School Outdoor Learning, this is where the journey begins…… the sound of a bird calling overhead; the seagull looking for something tasty to eat; the big blue ocean is waving at us and the crabs are coming to say hello. The adventure, imaginations and experiences are coming to life at the beach.

At Beach School the creativity, confidence and self-esteem of each explorer will grow and develop with every visit they make. The experiences and adventures that take place in Beach School will always be enjoyed and remembered.

Beach school activities put the learner at the heart of the learning experience and give our pupils opportunities to engage with the rich diversity of the outdoors and develop confidence through risk taking in a safe environment and with appropriate support.  Accredited Beach School leaders develop and run the program and ensure it is offered to children in all year groups Early Years and Key Stage 1.

Keeping the core school values at the heart of all we do at Beach School, with every visit we support the pupils to develop a Nurturing outlook – Challenge themselves – Inspire each other.

What is Beach School?

Beach School is taking the classroom learning outside and using the natural surroundings of the beach to enhance and help the learner grow. Using the same principles as Forest School the children have the opportunity to have hands on experience and become aware of the marine life and plants and have a greater understanding of beach safety. This method of learning helps with confidence, self-esteem and problem solving skills. Children become aware of the environment they are in and the plants, sea life and weather conditions that surround them.

Where do we go to take part in Beach School activities?

The fabulous location of Mill Rythe Infant School presents us with wonderful opportunities to visit both open coastline on the southern shore of Hayling Island and also to explore the sheltered inlets of Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Chichester Harbour is a fascinating and beautiful coastal landscape, with a unique blend of land and sea. It has a wealth of opportunities for discovering the natural world.

What activities will be on offer?

Typically, these may include, creating 3D pictures or sculptures out of pebbles, seaweed or items they find on the beach, a shoreline scavenger hunt or building a house for crabs and then hunting for the inhabitants. Den building and shelter sessions are also fun to take part in, especially when there is a strong winter storm to hide from.

At the end of each session the children are filled with smiles and memories in their pockets to come home and tell everyone of their adventures.

If you have any further questions, please do contact the school as one of our Beach School practitioners will be happy to discuss these with you.